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December, 2018:

Christmas Eve 2018

Another year of christmas decorations, lists, holiday shopping and present wrapping in the books :/

Things seemed more stressful than in years past

Probably a result of a variety of things

Some self inflicted, others not so much

The lights on our house, however, looked pretty solid this year if I do say so myself


There were years where I felt like spoiling the kids was a good idea

Then there are times when I feel like maybe that wasn’t well planned out

Now (@1:13am) instead of winding down after a full day I’m wide awake

When they were younger this day was (seemed) easier

I was challenged this year

I recently decided to part ways with a client whom I should probably never have started up with in the first place (over 4 years ago)

The money was stable though and most of the time things were good

But the regularity of less-than-positive dialogs simply became too much

The kids were actually disappointed when I told them I no longer work there.  Timing maybe wasn’t well planned as they enjoyed going to their Christmas party.  Plus the owners daughter was about the same age as mine and they played well together whenever they saw each other.  But I submitted my letter before any invite for that event came my way (assuming I was going to be invited anyways).

It probably didn’t help that the most recent of those negative meetings coincided with 12/14

Honestly that probably had a little bit to do with my decision but I’m better off

However, only if/when I receive payment for my most recent invoices will I be able to completely relax about all that

Speaking of 12/14…we invited a few friends and immediate relatives over last minute to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Side note, if you felt like you should have been invited but weren’t … please grow up and get over it!  

That said, it really was a nice day for the kids & I and family & friends too I think

The kids seem much more aware (I think that’s the word I’m looking for)

One of them had the idea to release balloons so I picked some up and after singing happy birthday most of us wrote notes, tied the notes to a balloon and the kids and some adults released them up into the sky.  Perhaps hoping that our notes reach her???

I was able to take a picture of the kids notes … a very raw moment

And a number of people posted or commented online or sent messages throughout the day.

No time of the year is ever super easy.  The holidays, december in particular, just compound the issue.

Even though today may have been more challenging than most I think these kids are grateful and will appreciate all the effort

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