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Christmas Eve 2020

Today (well prior to 11 minutes ago) is Christmas eve.

Seven months into this pandemic.

Christmas is a love hate relationship for me.

I thoroughly enjoy doing everything for the kids.

But it is exhausting.

I’m literally stressed and sweating wrapping presents.

And it’s particularly difficult to do when the kids hardly leave the house.

At around 9:30 tonight my eyes started to get heavy.

Eventually the anxiety kicked in because I definitely cannot fall asleep early on this night

So now I’m fully awake.

At least everything is done.  Probably in record time.

And despite having a teenage who decided to make her way downstairs at 11pm on the dot … tragedy fortunately avoided.

Most of my work was done before school got out.

I realized during the course of that work that there was an uneven distribution and I had to scramble last minute to fix that.

But now all is done and I’m sure they’ll have an amazing day.