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Two High Schoolers

I now have 2 high schoolers!

I don’t think time is flying by but a lot of years have passed

He started summer football camp at his high school with plans to join the team this fall. And then maybe wrestling or something else in the winter and probably volleyball in the spring.

Whereas some parents might push their kids in a certain direction I believe it’s best to let them decide, support their decision, but give them guidance when and where ever it’s needed.

If football is where he wants to be. I 100% support it. Sure, joining the golf team would be my first choice (although competing against the country club kids is probably difficult). Soccer would be okay too, as he’s played for many years and has become a really good defender. But in just the few days of practice he’s been to, it’s great to see him excited about the sport. I’m looking forward to where it takes him.

She continues to be involved in softball. One tournament mid week this week, then a tournament this weekend followed by a few friendly games and that’s it for the season. Her team travels to nationals in FL but unfortunately she had a conflict and won’t be attending. She’ll be at camp instead, something she was very much looking forward to.

Soon she will likely join a new travel team, mostly because her current team is not continuing on. Most likely she’ll end up with her current coach on his new team. Fortunately, she really likes playing for him. She referred to him as the best coach she’s had ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be the next level up from where we are now but if she’s going to pitch varsity next Spring, playing up a level in the fall probably won’t hurt.

She’s also nannying for a neighbor this summer, so she’s super busy. Plus taking a summer school class, online.

This week I worked on-call for my job. It’s the biggest drawback of the job. It was a weekend where we probably would have been on the water but instead were stuck at home. Fortunately it’s over in a couple days and I won’t have to deal with it for another few months. It’s a good job, I don’t think I’ll leave it any time soon, but ironically enough I have been approached but a couple organizations recently, interested in me joining them in the near future. Nothing is certain but I’ll entertain the options. I miss the consulting life but am enjoying the benefits of the full time job. It’s a dilemma I’m not going to complain about.

Next week he’s off to camp. Then a few days at the lake. A week later he’s off to a high adventure camp in FL and she leaves for her camp around then as well. For me I think I’ll be at the lake that weekend, hopefully on the water fishing as much as possible!