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A few more updates

A lot of months have passed by since my last post.

He turned 15 and she’s 17.

He has his driving permit and she’s focusing in on her college choices.

He played football in the fall, wrestled in the winter and is trying out for volleyball shortly. He played WR and KR/PR for most of the season on the Freshman B team, seeing it was his first season playing. It was a really good place for him as he saw a lot of time on the field and is very excited for next year. Wrestling was a first for him too. And although his team was filled with a lot of experienced kids he still went out and worked hard all season, picking up a few wins.

She’s playing softball year round and is currently on a travel team with a few of her HS teammates. HS tryouts is happening next week. She found a new pitching coach recently and her improvement was quick and noticeable. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season ๐Ÿ™‚

Over christmas break we went skiing and snowboarding in Telluride. The views were amazing. Pricey for sure but an awesome experience. It was their first trip out west and she expressed interest in going out that way again. She skied the whole time. He snowboarded and skied but his foot was bothering him so he skipped a day while the rest of us went 4 straight days (next time we need a rest day for sure). I twisted my knee on day one but wrapped it and kept on going. It still hurts. I need to head to the doctor soon.

He took aviation in the fall but moved onto small motors in the spring. I think he enjoys the latter more.

She’s in a bunch of AP and advanced classes, well beyond much of anything I can help with. She’s doing really good in school despite balancing sports, work, friends and everything in between.

This past weekend we went to Chestnut for a day. She tried snowboarding but switched back to skis after a couple runs. It’s not an easy sport to pick up. Plus the snow wasn’t great.

While we were away for the weekend he stayed with his cousins and is pretty sure they got him sick, although he doesn’t seem so bad today. Me on the other hand, I spent most of the weekend clearing leaves at the lake house that we didn’t get out there to deal with in the fall, big mistake. I also patched a bunch of drywall and started prepping to paint the interior. I’m actually hoping to paint both the inside and outside this year (we’ll see). The ceilings in the house are crazy high so I’ll need scaffolding to get into some of those areas.

Work is, well I’d rather be working part time again instead. The pay is better and guaranteed but somehow I seem to still work paycheck to paycheck. Maybe these kids have just gotten really expensive. I’m thankful for the job though as it allows us to do just about anything. Hopefully another few months or so and I’ll feel more financially sound.

In the meantime I’m trying to get him through scouting. It’s a challenge. He’s not super motivated but we talk often about advancing. This Sunday he meets to wrap up an Eagle scout merit badge which will finish Star rank for him. Then he just needs to get some more Eagle scout merit badges (it seriously isn’t that much work). I’m hoping he completes it.

Until next time …