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Death Sucks!

I don’t like death


And when it affects us directly … @#$%

I can talk to the kids about it and am able to explain it in a way that hopefully helps

But this week we lost an uncle

I hadn’t seen him in a number of years

This past Thanksgiving I invited him

When he said he couldn’t come I tried again

And a third time …

Unfortunately that didn’t happen

And now he’s gone

Today was the funeral

Unfortunately one of the kids is sick so we couldn’t go to the wake

We did try though

This is day 4 of the being sick

He really tried to get ready to go

He was willing and took a shower but became dizzy and nauseous so we didn’t make it


Today I took the kids out of school to attend the funeral

There were a LOT of tears

I told them later that I don’t want sad sappy music at my funeral

How about some lizzo or billie eilish?

Death is exhausting

I wonder what goes through my dad’s head or anyone’s head when they get closer to death

If your older brother passes do you think to yourself, how much time do I have left?

Or maybe it’s best not to think that way

It’s not, I know that

We need to live each day like it’s the last

Because we simply never know when it will happen to us …