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May, 2017:

Things they say …

When you’re having an exhausting day and then this happens.

Daddy, can we put this in the “Chinese” cabinet? (he meant China cabinet)


The “Talk”

The school decided to give the “Talk” today

What age is appropriate for this? 4th grade?  So the school thinks, I suppose … :{}

The “School” has also banned just about every fun thing the kids could possibly get interested in this year.  How about you, the “School”, ban cell phones???  But that would generate too much opposition I’m sure so of course that’s not an option … argh!

The “School” also banned Spanish in the early grades.  They might suggest it’s due to financial issues, but “ban” or “cancel” what’s the difference?  Check out our tax bill in this area … financial issues?  I think NOT!  More like financial mis-management if anything 🙁

The “School” also banned music from being played during their lunch hour … come on???  Seriously?

Oh, and the “School” also thought that it would be appropriate to spend a ridiculous amount of money to build an outdoor stage that is now used for hide-and-seek, to write on with chalk, but that’s about it.  Maybe we could have used that $$ to keep Spanish in the early grades ???

Yet, the “School” thinks that 4th graders are ready for the “Talk”

But I digress…sort of

The “Talk”

Given separately to the 4th grade boys and girls today

So now “I” am confronted with a dozen followup questions … mostly about her period and everything that follows it … sigh

You know what “School”, I’ve got this covered.  But thanks for including this in the curriculum.

Maybe you could also address that girl that is calling other girls b!@#$es.  Or that other family that lets their 4th grader watch rated R movies or play ridiculously violent video games?

How about you address just being a better person and stop worrying about what you are going to ban next!

Could that be part of your curriculum?  I mean if you’re covering the “Talk” why can’t you make a big deal out of these other things that parents should also be doing … like raising normal kids.

Come on???  WTF