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January, 2017:

And now he’s 8

I’d say it seems like just yesterday, but far from it

It seems like 8 years … and at times more


He insisted on opening presents first. We compromised and did cake, presents and then food … mostly in that order

His top request was a multi-tool or swiss (he calls it swift) army knife

Maybe just a boys fascination with that sort of thing but that’s what he wanted

From me he got that, yu-gi-oh cards & a wrestling game for xbox

He also got nerf guns, more video games, an eraser maker, pogo stick (another top choice) and a few other things


And soon she’ll be 10

And before I know it 15 and then 20?!?!?!?

He still fits into some size 6’s (and maybe a size 5 here and there) so at least he’s not growing in size as fast as he’s growing in age.

Today we play baseball, floor hockey, he’s in chess club, art club, fit club, hip hop club, takes piano lessons (which he’s really really good at), is in basketball and scouts … phew.  No wonder I’m exhausted … and he is too

I’m sure if I scheduled it he’d be in even more.

He’s good @ math.  Although today he definitely argued the answer to 147-38 … I was right, he was wrong.  Maybe he was struggling because he hadn’t eaten yet.

Recently we acquired our vacation home.  And so far it’s great.  I really enjoy having the ability to escape reality for a bit.  And also escaping being 100% connected all the time.  Although out there we’re not totally disconnected but it’s closer to those dial-up days a couple decades ago.  It’s also nice to get them into a different environment.  They also don’t totally dislike the 2+ hour drive.  I think it gives all of us time to decompress.  I can’t wait for some warmer weather out there (although I wouldn’t mind going out there with some decent snow fall as well … there’s been ZERO so far).

Anyways … 8 years old … 20 inches, 7.1 lbs, 5:09 pm … he joined our family on 1/22/2009 … just 8 years ago … he referred to turning 8 at dinner time 🙂 cute

He scared us a little those first 24 hours, spending time in the ICU to watch his breathing.  But he’s a strong and resilient and the kindest little kid … he rocks!