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May, 2016:

Got Plans Thursday?

My response … work, c’s end of year party, piano lessons. (the usual stuff minus baseball, soccer practice and who knows what else)

Then someone else asks if I’m doing anything Thursday.

Why did someone else ask me this???  Thinking to myself, that’s weird …

Oh yeah, Thursday, “d” day … deathiversary day.  Dang :-/ I knew that!

But when overburdened with work, kids and everything else, thursday is just another thursday … right?

And as if this wasn’t a crappy enough week to begin with.

So today I decided to treat myself to a late-workday-start.  Or is that just another way to describe major procrastination?

I probably had the crappiest client-meeting day this past Monday.  I thought about going in today but decided against it.  I’m still stressed about it.  Even at this late wednesday hour…

So I just decided to start the day slow.

Thinking back to a text I received the other day… maybe I was asked to go golfing today because this week is one of those weeks.  I should have said yes!

So instead I got a massage.  A much needed one.  I really must get these things on a regular basis.  I can feel the stress building if I don’t.  But now my back is aching.  I think she was a little rough on me ;{

Anyways, Thursday …

The kids are definitely more aware of things now.

They know what tomorrow is and what it means.

I should probably think of some way to make the day … different … I’ll see what the kids think about that idea….

brb …

I’m back.

Sometimes I write these things in one sitting.  Not this one

School got out.  Early on Wednesdays.  Kid play dates.  Some homework and yard work and pre-cleaning-lady cleaning to take care of.

I’m still stressed …

And I’m short with the kids.  I hate this feeling …

But I gathered myself together as best I could and we went out for dinner.

Mostly because I had no desire at all to cook.

We went to a thai restaurant.

Thai?  So not on E’s choice of places to eat but we did it. And she didn’t put up too much of a stink.  She would have rather gone mexican … to get chicken tacos though.

She devoured cucumber salad, go figure, and hardly shared a bite.

She also did well with the chicken lettuce wraps.

She tried Pad See Ew

And Orange Chicken (thai version)

Go E!!!

We were way outside her comfort zone but she sucked it up and tried some.

Of course we ended at Tate’s for the usual birthday cake & sherbet.  He opted for rocky road.  He’s definitely her kid.  And she’s mine!

We discussed what to do tomorrow and we easily came to a unanimous decision.

Planting flowers at Cari’s tree.

There wasn’t even a bit of an argument.

That’s what we’re doing!  And it’s going to be a nice day.


Do you know that it has not rained on May 19th in 7 years?

Tomorrow’s forecast … 70, Sunny, 0% chance of precipitation :-/