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December, 2015:

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear …

He’s a great kid, Matt


I know.  He is.  She is too.  For that I’m fortunate!


Over 5 months since my last published post.  Ugh!

I do have a few in “draft” but shame on me …

Christmas just passed

So did her birthday

And some tears

Friends still remember, but not as many 🙁

Maybe they remember but they don’t say things any more

I’ve put a lot on my shoulders lately … working and raising these kids

It’s exhausting.  I’m exhausted.

I’m definitely ready for a break.

I think I need a break more from work than from parenting.

I wish financially money wasn’t a concern.

I think that would lesson the weight on my shoulders.

I suppose it’s my choice, however; to make money a concern.

Those decisions we make … hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully that light is near.

… taking a break, more to come (hopefully)