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December, 2014:

Another Year, Another Birthday …

She loved ’em.  Especially in our 20’s.  The last one together she just turned 30 (pregnant with C)

Today she turned 36.

I love our friends and our friends loved her.

Today we started out with Breakfast with Santa

Then some friends came over… Jim, Keely, Susie, Gary and all the kids

And others sent messages …

Megan … “Happy Birthday to Cari. Miss her so much. I am thinking of u all today and big hugs”

Amanda … “Thinking of you and my friend Cari today. Missing her very much. Give those kiddos a big hug for us. Hope all is well!”

Jen … “We are thinking of you today, like most days, but particularly today. I love how much Cari loved her birthday … Always up for celebrations to punctuate life :)”

Mark … Mom … GC … Maggie … Yolanda … Christine …

It’s much harder to read those things a second time and then type them out.

I always tell E it’s okay to have a good cry

Maybe I needed one too …

Missing you always. Happy Birthday 😉