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July, 2014:

Parenting Ain’t Easy

Insurance sucks too!

$500 co-pay at the ER … need to skip that place whenever possible (unfortunately today wasn’t one of those days)

$250 bill for cleanings at the dentist (i have insurance and that didn’t even involve x-ray’s) … ain’t going there again!

And I’m just going to insert some tech talk here for a second.  Because I’ve had a shitty day and I’ve recently taken over development for some shitty programmers.  Whoever decides to use Entity Framework for a project is just a BAD programmer … BAD!  BAD!  BAD!  AGHHHHH!!!

Okay … phew.  Maybe I just need a drink.

Today was just not a fun day.

I had actually planned on writing something here earlier in the evening yesterday.

The kids at 5 & 7 are a handful on a daily basis.  We have lots of good moments but they seriously don’t listen, or choose only when they want to.  I’m trying to lay down the law with them but it AIN’T easy.

I give them a lot of freedom but they’re always trying to see how far they can get.  It drives me nuts.  I see all the kids around us doing it so we’re not the only ones but man could I go without that stress.

So the evening yesterday started kind of crappy but then it did get a little better (for a bit)

Lately I’ve been taking them on bike rides wherever we need to go (it’s my attempt at getting in a workout).  Last night I packed them in and we headed to Davanti in Western Springs.

I’ve been to the one on Taylor street.  It’s really good.  However, it’s not exactly the most kid-friendly restaurant and Western Springs tends to be a little more up-scale, let’s say … I love the area btw, it’s not a dig.

So I took a chance, biked the nearly 2 miles there with 100 lbs in tow behind me (my legs were burning on the way back).

The kids did really good.  Didn’t complain on the way (I probably would have dropped them off on the corner if they did — it was that kind of day).

And they did well in the restaurant.  Ate off a salami and cheese plate (not normal salami & cheese) and ate pizza and he had some of my steak (he pretty much had a bite of everything – I love that in him)

So all was good until we got back to the bike.

He got in and started complaining about a belly ache.  I figured just the food or he had to poop.  No biggie.

I took them to Oberweis (they weren’t fans and honestly I would take Tate’s any day over Oberweis).  Nevertheless we all ate and I rode them back home.

I was really proud of our successful dinner and bike ride and their ability to stay relatively well behaved the majority of the time.

That’s what I planned on writing about.

But then we got home and he kept complaining.  And he wouldn’t let me touch the area that was painful.

So I’m concerned at this point … enough to keep me rolling in bed and eventually spending the night with him … what’s wrong? was it the food he ate? did he hurt himself? why is he in pain?  is he going to be okay?

Then this morning he wakes up at 6 am.  Still complaining.  So I make a Dr. appointment.  Now I’m more stressed.

When he finally gets up around 9 he can barely stand and he’s in tears trying to get him into the car.

So I just call the dr and as I figured I would do, we went straight to the hospital.

6 hours and $500 later (yes that’s my deductible off this bull shit blue cross blue shield top end OBAMACARE plan – RIDICULOUS) we were released without any diagnosis.  why are there all these resident doctors at pretty much any hospital we go to that barely know anything – where are the real doctors???  i have little trust in them.

So we’re leaving, I carry him to the car, he’s in tears (of pain) and we head home.

I’m sure I lost at least another year of my life (or a couple months) stressing out about what could be wrong … is something torn, is it going to require surgery … and then they just say go home and take some Tylenol and rest???

As of about 8pm tonight he finally sat up.  I don’t know if that’s the meds or some improvement.  Now he’s asleep

Hopefully the night and morning are better.

This stuff just AIN’T easy.  Too bad there’s no real “day off” from parenting.  I could use it.


Since I’m writing I might as well mention some other stuff …

He recently earned two of his first few trophies (T-Ball & Soccer). YAY!

The block we live on is so much fun for the kids.  When I was a kid I had someone down the block, a couple kids on the block behind me, but otherwise we were spread all over the place.  In this neighborhood we have 20+ kids on our one block.  And almost all of them play together.  4 of them showed up at our door tonight looking for both the kids.  This happens every day nearly all day long.  It’s pretty awesome!

We met some new friends recently.  A fam with kids the same ages as mine.  We have plenty of these families around us but this family and I connected pretty quickly.  It’s been nice.

Summer’s almost half over (maybe it is already half over) and that really stinks.  These couple months just fly by.

Soon they’ll both be in school full day.  They’re just growing up really fast!

Is that it???  Hmm… Today was a lot more stressful than I needed it to be.  Hoping for some less stressful ones to come