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December, 2011:

Christmas #3

A few less tears but they’re just hovering under the surface

The week leading up to xmas didn’t start out too hot.  A runny nose the weekend before turned into a persistent cough into some sort of stomach bug into more coughing then the second gets hit with the same bug all culminating with a double ear infection for one and a single ear infection with the other.  They’ve got meds now but he doesn’t like them at all … today is day four of meds … it didn’t work out so well this morning but hopefully we’ll have better luck tonight … E said to give him a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down (and then sang the whole song) …

Kids were so much fun this year.  I did most of the shopping (@ costco) in October but after that I pretty much did nothing until the Friday before Christmas.  People at the stores that friday totally suck … mean, angry, impatient … like the person who uses the self-checkout lane at Jewel, has no idea what they’re doing, and freaks out … ugh!

The kids were spoiled, however … barbie dolls, an american girl doll, and a scooter; a youth basketball hoop (so cool), toddler golf clubs, hockey sticks (i’m so excited to do all that w/c) … and more

They were really excited about santa this year.  E however wouldn’t let me put out Elf on a Shelf.  I did it last year and I don’t think she liked how it moved around.  We were at a friends house who already had the Elf out and she was firm about not putting it out at our house.

Xmas eve we went to my fam.  Their cousin is getting big and they’re expecting another.   The kids are cute with her just wish they didn’t live an hour+ away … maybe should have worked more to convince them when they were buying that they should be closer.

Every time C opened a present he said, “that’s what I always wanted.”  He has the cutest voice.  I got video and pictures too … like 75 from the couple days which is probably below norm for me.  Still got some cute ones though.

The night b4 christmas at our house GC went up to bed with E and C was really upset that she went up there.  I tried to console him but he wasn’t having it.  So I let him leave the family room and he went to find her.  I don’t think he made it all the way though.  About five minutes later he came back and he couldn’t stop talking about how he wanted all the chocolate chip cookies.  For about the next 20 minutes or so I worked as hard as I could to convince them they were for Santa.  He wouldn’t give in.  Eventually GC and I got him to the point where he could have half of one but only if we gave another half to Grandpa.  In the middle of the conversation he told me how those cookies are his favorite (if only I could capture his voice here); his eyes lit up so bright … he is so darn cute.

Christmas day was really nice too.  She got up at 7:45 (after sleeping in her bed with GC).  She came into my room and asked if she could peek downstairs.  We woke him up about a half hour later.  It was a fun couple hours.  Then we went to your fam’s for more presents and a late lunch.  Everyone seemed to have such a nice time!

She was hoping for snow on christmas day, like she expected it, like it was a given.  But no snow.  It was like 45 degrees out.  And 45 today too, which was nice enough to ride the new scooter.

So now I really need to move, there’s no space for all this stuff any more.  I’ve actually looked at a number of houses.  You would LOVE them.  Most are older but the ones with large front porches or third floor play rooms … omg.  We’ll see how that one turns out in ’12.

Oh, and Mag did christmas pictures of the kids.  She told me she was going to but I didn’t actually know they did them.  They came out super cute.

I was able to nap today while he slept and she played … that doesn’t happen often

Wish you were here for this stuff