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September, 2011:

Missing in action

I think I lost some of the motivation to write here.  That’s sad.  I think it was mostly because I started getting feedback from the site on what i suppose was somewhat of a public diary.  I knew that from the beginning.  I mean it IS the internet.  But rather than telling those people, multiple times, not to e-mail me, I just stopped writing …

It’s been a tough summer here.  Tough? That seem’s hardly the word.  2nd worst summer ever maybe???  …in just two years?  Is that a little harsh?  Will things get worse?  I pray they don’t. 

The questions, of course, are still coming and they’re more detailed now.  I think the inlaws talk about the details of the accident around the kids and that prompts even more questions.  Like, “how did mommy get hit by a car?”  So I provide an answer and I think it’s understood at least more than it was understood a year ago.  That’s what she asks.  She still wants her to come back from heaven too and she insists that other people cannot ever go to heaven.  Ugh!  Wish I could prevent that!  He doesn’t ask anything yet 🙁  That sucks too!!!!

We did have a lot of fun this summer, however. 

She loved Farm Camp and really wants to go back again. 

The water park was fun.  I wish we could have gone twice had it not been for the following…

The summer for her was interrupted with a couple broken bones 🙁  Not at the same time but the 1st cast was off only 2 weeks before the 2nd went on.  Just a few more days til this cast comes off.  I need to wrap her in bubble wrap.  I don’t want to go to the hospital any more!

Of course there was the pool at Grandma’s.  We didn’t spend enough time in there, but there were in there a lot (even with the cast on)

We did the horse track again with pretty much the same group of friends as last year.  Maybe next year someone will get there early and get free seats in the shade instead of expensive seats and food we have to pay for … although having tables and umbrellas is nice!

We went to the zoo multiple times, and finally to lincoln park zoo this past weekend.

Lots of birthday parties interspersed

We didn’t get to the beach (mostly because of those casts).  That stinks.  I really wanted to do that.

We went to a rooftop bbq the weekend of the Air & Water show in the city on a high rise … that was cool.  We did that a couple years ago too (or was it last year)

We didn’t go to the arboreum yet.  Hopefully we can do that one of these coming Friday’s

Speaking of Friday’s that’s our day off from preschool.  She starts this monday at a lutheran church in the neighborhood rather than the park district she went to last year near the inlaws.  I like this one much better.  She goes mon-thurs, in the mornings, with friday off.  The women who runs the preschool lost her mom when she was very young … that sold me on the program even though I was probably sold before I went in there.  That’s all i have her signed up for now but I need to get her in some more.

I have him signed up for soccer, which started last Wed.  I also need to get him signed up for more too!

He’s such a boy!  So crazy active, but super lovable too.  I can’t wait to see him in the morning even if it means waking him up (which isn’t usually the best idea).  But on days when he wakes up on his own he is SO excited to see me.  I’m not sure how things will work once preschool starts.  We’re going to need to get into a routine quick in order to get up, ready, and out of the house by 8:30am.  YIKES!

Two people in the last week said that I make cute kids.  They are cute, there’s no question about that.  I just don’t know how much I had to do with it.  I had a good feeling though before we ever got to the kid part that we would create cute ones … that’s exactly what we did. 


I have to get some stuff off my shoulders too so here I go …

I called two roofing companies, one of them multiple times, to address this leak in my roof.  None of them ever showed up.  WTF?  I got up on the roof yesterday and caulked the only thing I could see as the problem.  Hopefully that worked.  But what kind of company is going to survive if that’s how they operate???

This real estate market sucks.  I just want to sell this place and move on!

I had this other company come and check out an issue with the boiler system.  Now they’re billing me for the time they took to look at what’s wrong on top of what they want to charge to fix it.  I probably would have been fine if they just added it into the total bill but they want to charge it separate.  What if I was a new customer?  Would they still charge me for the analysis?  I doubt it.  So now I’m an existing customer and they want to choke me for every penny?  Screw them!

Some tenant called complaining about an electrical issue.  I asked them to check the fuses and they said they were fine.  I called in my electrician but he couldn’t come til monday so I went to check it today.  Of course it was just a fuse.  Sometimes I cannot stand tenants!

I really wish someone would watch the kids at my house instead of shiping them back and forth all the time.  I offered to pay.  I’m particular about who watches them, really just family, but still the answer is no.  If there’s anything I want, that’s all it is, just watch them at my house.  It doesn’t have to be all of the time, just most of the time.

The shit that’s going on with me … I could do without this.  I’ll never write about it here so don’t ask.  It’s just not good.  Hopefully it’s something that won’t bother me for many years but it’s still there, I know it’s there, I doubt it’s going away, and it scares the crap out of me, I hate what it means


So I’ll try my best to write more here, for the kids.  Once preschool starts and if work lessens a little, maybe I’ll have more time to focus on this.