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May, 2011:


Memorial day weekend and it’s a downpour … again!  Thankfully our cookout for Cari is tomorrow (Forecast – Mon, May 30 Mostly Sunny Hi 92°RealFeel® 94°)

Just a few mins ago…

E – “Whooaaa!”

E – “The angels are bowling”

E – “Maybe it was Mommy”

E – “Mommy’s bowling”


It’s yet another year …

To others, tomorrow is … “I can’t believe it’s been 2 years”

To me, tomorrow is … “Thursday May 19th, 2011”

To my children … 2 years in and they’re still too young to get it. How unfair is that?

Two years ago I woke up in the morning (passed out on the couch for half the night before coming up to bed), got ready for work, kissed her goodbye while she was still wrapped up in the blankets, … and then barely 4 hours later my life changed forever.

A couple of blog posts worth reading (for those who have lost and especially for those who have not) …

Lots of truth in there.  I was just talking to a widow friend about the same topic discussed in the angel’s day post.  And the sharing something post … there’s truth to every single line that she wrote

Tomorrow is the same as today and no different from the day to follow.  What makes it different is the emphasis others place on it.  I live this every day.  This is my life. 

I have no idea how things would truly be if this had never happened.  I imagine things would be a whole lot different from what they are today but not all to different than how things were. 

Tomorrow will come and go but not fast enough for me.

By the way … how hard is it to apologize?  Wouldn’t you think someone who killed another person, let alone a wife and mother of 2 very young children, would have apologized right away, let alone by now?   She never did.  At this point it’s WAY too late! 

NOTE: To the person who’s complaining to the village of lagrange to remove the flowers on the tree where the accident occurred … please find something else constructive to complain about.  Whatever reason it is, try living a day, an hour, a minute in my shoes and then tell me why you want those flowers removed.  The possibility of removing them is very upsetting to me, her family and all of her friends.

My little ones…

a preview of pics from our photoshoot last weekend


Sometimes it would be really nice if when I make a request it’s not ignored, especially when it pertains to the kids

Please limit the sugary snacks.  It’s not cute.

Please don’t give them pop

Please limit the fast food

Is it that hard???