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February, 2011:

a small update

It’s been nearly a month and a half since I’ve written something

We’ve had two birthday’s (3 birthday parties)

Almost 2 feet of snow fell within a 24-hour period

And then we were sick (all of us) for nearly 2 weeks

It’s been exhausting.

I’m not sure how I’m going to work this Jan-Feb birthday thing in years to come.  The combined b-day party with friends is nice (a little pricey) but gets everything done in a short amount of time.  We def don’t need all the presents though.  Maybe next year I’ll do something smaller.  It’s tough though because we have so many friends with kids now.  And that doesn’t even include preschool friends and all the new babies on the way (I think there are 5 of them now).  We didn’t even have enough room for our friends at the party as it was and now more people are expecting … I just need a bigger house (for numerous reasons)

We finally got out to build some snowmen this weekend.  We were already sick when it snowed so we just stayed inside that day.  I did get out to plow (which down the middle of the driveway sat a 3′ high snow drift).   … THAT SUCKED.  But this weekend we went out and played for a bit.  C likes to stuff as much snow in his mouth as possible … regardless of whether or not it’s clean snow.  That kid is going to drive me crazy.  It’s been warm the past couple days so the snowmen are already melted.

Speaking of C … I think I’m in for a LONG year.  She was easy … he’s going to be a challenge.  He turned two, got sick about a week and a half later…he just wanted to cuddle while he was sick…but now that he’s better he’s non-stop.  I have literally no control over the kid any more.  This is going to be TOUGH

and then  just one of the couple hundred b-day pix we took

that’s it for now … maybe i’ll be motivated to write more later … i do want to say something about preschool next year … i’ll have to remember to do that