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Recent insomnia

One week in and already sick with something.

I caught some puke on the hand and arm.  GROSS.  Happy birthday to me


He felt way better after getting that out of his system but 4 hours later and just puked again

Poor guy

Poor me

Oh, it’s 1:11 am

1:11 or 11:11 or 1111 or any variation

I see this combination of numbers more than an other

I don’t see 2:22 or 222 or 3:33 or 333, just bunches of 1’s


I’ve read about this number sequence and there are def some crazy theories out there


I can deal with sick kids

I don’t enjoy it but I can deal with it

I knew it was something today

He fell asleep in the car, unexpectedly

He barely got off the couch

He just wasn’t himself

Hopefully this is quick and he’s ‘mostly’ better in the morning


As of late I really haven’t been able to sleep

Whatever caused my pancreas to stop working properly and my inability to tackle this issue early on really f@#$ my shit up

My nerves are shot … all over my body

So far only jumping in the show helps to calm things for a bit

Jumping in the pool or anything that might irritate my skin … it’s not a fun feeling

I want to be invincible, or at least free from this garbage

I want to be healthy and able to deal with life’s shit

I’m sort of okay with this disease.  I wish I didn’t have to deal with it but there are certainly worse things

And we are ALL going to have to deal with something

This is just mine … unfortunately … and this is what I have to live with

In time … it should and will get better

Something new might arise but we’ll face that when we get there

Just doing what I can …

Now, maybe I can get some sleep

Someone recommended hot tea … let’s go try that 😉