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Into that school routine …

I think this is going to be a looonnnggggg year …

ISO (in search of … I had to look up that meaning) someone to :
– Make their lunches every day
– Pull them out of bed
– Feed them breakfast
– Get them dressed and out the door
– Drive them around to activities after school
– Get them in the shower
– And fold my laundry

I think if there were things I wanted off my plate, those would be it

I don’t know what it is about having to make lunches in the morning or folding laundry but those two items are on the bottom of my list of things I want to do

And while I do make them lunches every day, I have at least three loads of laundry that were once folded but are now in piles throughout our upstairs

Sigh …

And I’m fully convinced I’ve overcommitted these kids

I’m glad they’re in school but I miss not having to set my alarm

I have them in soccer and baseball and piano and tumbling

Then there’s religious ed

And a bunch of after school extra curriculars that I signed them up for

And somehow I’m supposed to work

And find time to sleep

12:58 am here and I just published some work and I feel like I’m far from falling asleep

… I need to go to bed but they are both stretched out over mine.  They move.  They kick.  They are not very much fun to sleep with.  And their beds are not comfortable so what to do … sleep on the couch I suppose