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Cari’s Tree

Every May 19th we make it a point to visit the tree planted in memory of our Cari.  In 10 years it has grown pretty tall, probably 30′.

A few years ago we planted some Salvia I believe it’s called.  Last year the damn mowers weed whacked the plant to pieces but this year they let it be.  Along with those purple flowering plants we planted some annuals along side them.

We had a busy day this May 19th with a full day at Great America for a dance performance.  He went on his first roller coaster that day, Goliath.  I skipped it, she did too.  He went on it with some friends though and there were no regrets.  The weather had forecast thunderstorms all day which never really materialized yet the park stayed empty.  We literally walked right up to the American Eagle  and other roller coasters and either got right on or had to only wait for one group in front of us.  I’ve never experienced that.  Usually it’s an easy hour wait just to go on the ride once.

When that was over though we raced home to get in our annual visit and flower planting.  We didn’t bury her so this is our place to go instead.  I like this better than visiting a cemetery.  I think it’s good for all of us that we have this place to go 🙂