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Last couple days

I signed up to be a parent volunteer in her class today.  She was so excited for me to be there.  It felt SO good.  It really made my day.  She told me last week that her teacher mentioned that I would be in today. She was already excited.  Then today I’m standing outside her classroom and I hear her ask the teacher if her daddy was here yet.  That’s when I walked into her class…all smiles!

I helped her and 3 other students work on a craft.  I can’t wait to do it again.


I had another halloween party for the kids this past weekend.  Our first party at the new house.  It was a little bit of a house-warming party at the same time I guess, but it was mainly for the kids.  I counted 32 kids on the evite … YIKES.  Everyone came too.  The yard is smaller than the old yard so the jumpie was stuffed into a corner but it still worked.  I do miss the big yard but we have more space inside the house now and that matters a little more.

The kids were super excited for the party.  They both had multiple costumes.  He dressed as Captain America and later put on the Hulk costume.  She dressed as a mermaid.  They didn’t know I was going to dress up too.  I picked up a Hulk costume (kind of corny but I could only think of how excited he’d be when he saw me in it + the pictures would be cute).  And he was super excited.  I did make a few kids cry, however.  Oops!

Anyways, it was a great day!  The weather was beyond perfect.  Nearly 70 degrees on Oct 21st … couldn’t have asked for any better.  Thanks Cari!

We had plenty of food, the kids were entertained the whole time … it was great.

We did, however, end up in the ER with another dislocated elbow.  Ugh.  He’s a champ thought.  That has to be painful.  MK drove us and I sat in the back seat of my car with him and held on tight.  He fell asleep in the car but woke crying as soon as I moved just a little when we arrived.  Fortunately we have connections at the hospital.  So even though we drove the 25 minutes extra to get to this hospital it was totally worth it.  It took them all but 5 seconds to pop it back in.  Then it took him another 3-4 minutes to figure out it didn’t hurt any more.  Poor guy!

Thanks to all the awesome people that cleaned up while I was dealing with that


Today I was talking with another girls mom.  Her daughter and mine are super cute together.  We got to talking and she mentioned how she lost her finance and how she never wanted to marry again but then met her husband and can’t be happier.

What’s the odds that I’m surrounded so close by people who have experienced similar losses so early in life.