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School’s In

We’re on a schedule

In bed by 8, alarm goes off at 7:15, and out the door by 8 (hopefully).

There’s plenty of “I don’t want to go to bed”, “I don’t want to wake up”, and “I’m not ready to leave”

I miss the days of sleeping in (til at least 8) and months and months and months without an alarm (an alarm that isn’t the kids waking me up, that is).  Now it’s me waking them up … and usually they’re not very happy about that.

She’s been in K for 3 weeks now.  This is his first full week of PK.

She ended up at the public school.  Which is totally fine, a great school, but (and it seems odd that i’m saying this given my past perceptions and opinions) I was leaning towards the private school.

The most obvious difference at this moment is that instead of having to wear a uniform to school every day she gets to dress in whatever she wants … which has it’s pro’s and con’s.  Maybe I’m saving money by not going there but I’m going to spend a ton in new clothes for her.

….well, never got back to finishing this post so I’m just publishing it now and will write more later 😉