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When Lightening Strikes Twice

I suppose it happens, right??? 

How about maybe winning the lottery twice…I’ll take just once

I’m not going to talk specifics yet.  And if you’re reading this, don’t ask!

I remember feeling like this before.  It’s the type of feeling you don’t want to feel once, let alone twice

It’s a feeling that maybe it’s just a dream, maybe I can just wake up from it, this isn’t reality, is it?!?!?!

Somebody pinch me!


These two are so damn cute … would we have continued to produce such amazing offspring?  Is that possible?  Maybe that’s what happens when you find that perfect mate.

But seriously … wait, I am serious!

I couldn’t have asked for better children. 

They’re smart, well behaved, full of life, happy, beautiful …

Is this how they would have been?  Are they this way because life already threw them some seriously tough shit

I just love them so very much. 

They are all I think about, all I worry about, the only things that matter to me

Love you both more than you could ever possibly know