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Fall 2019

I feel like we’re busier than usual in the fall with softball, dance, piano, basketball, cheerleading, cub scouts, indian guides, after school activities, volleyball, tumbling, holidays and everything else but our pictures didn’t capture it all.  Here are just a few.

Christmas is over and the decorations are down.  This weekend it will be 60+ degrees.  February will probably be brutal.  We leave for skiing in less than a week (I’m ready to leave today).  The kids are on break and attempting work while they’re around is grueling.

By the way my favorite time to grocery shop is the 8am hour during the week.  Hardly anyone is in the store.   Being excited about shopping on a Friday morning with plenty of parking and hardly anyone in the store … the highlight of my day 🙂 … that’s my life :/

Their most recent piano recital 🙂

IMG_20191124_151441 IMG_20191124_150906

Sadly that was the last day we saw our piano teacher as he may have had a heart attack the same day and passed away less than 2 weeks later 🙁

Off-road’ing at the Badlands!


Spreading reindeer food Christmas Eve.  The lights were up for more than a month and it didn’t snow once the entire time 🙁


He can play multiple instruments!


She’s busy with her activities too!


He’s always well dressed for school pictures.  He insists.  Every other day it’s comfy pants and a t-shirt though.