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September, 2018:


This was originally written in May 2018 but I didn’t post this until September …

I suppose that’s why I haven’t written in nearly 5 months

But plenty has been happening …

I took the kids on a 6 hour drive to the UP around NYE.  She skied and he snowboarded for 3 days.  They really did amazing.  And I hope we can and will do it again for years to come.  They even handled the drive really well, making it 3 hours before having to use the bathroom and then made it another 3+ until we finally arrived.  And for someone, that being myself, who doesn’t really like long drives I didn’t mind the trip and would totally do it again.

We went with friends, which was so necessary.  Being just the 3 of us and the chairs lifts only having 2 seats meant I went with one of the kids and someone had to go with the other.

Did I mention that this may have also been the coldest few days ever?

When I was packing up the car at 6 in the morning it was -8 degrees.  1 hour into our trip it went down to -15.  On the ski hill our balaclavas would freeze on the way down and thaw on the way back up (thankfully the chair lifts were with the wind, not against it).  We had an outdoor hot tub too and the resort (which was still stuck in the 80’s) also had a pool.

Such a fun trip!

For MLK weekend we took off for the lake house.  He tried skiing there and she tried snowboarding.  He seemed to enjoy skiing though so next time we take a long trip he may end up choosing ski’s over a board.  It also snowed while we were there and were able to sled on our property.

Both of them participated in the school’s variety show.  He was in Sumo’s vs Senior’s and she did a dance to Party in the USA

She skipped out on Orchestra but is still taking lessons on the Viola which she is getting pretty good at.  He’s learning the guitar and can play parts of a few songs now.

Our Spring Break vacation was in the Riviera Maya again.  This time at Hotel Xcaret.  GC came along for the trip too.  The resort, which was really amazing, also included passes to a bunch of the local eco parks.  Xel-ha and Xplor …. Xenses, Tulum, Xcaret … everything was awesome.  He and I zip lined.  Road a 4×4.  Swam through a 2 mile underground river.  She and I did a bike zip line.  We crossed a floating bridge.  Saw tons of Macaws.  He and I paddle boarded.  The 3 of us kayaked.  He met a friend who lives in PA, shawn.  He talks about him every now and then hoping to meet up again some time.  We shall see … I could stay in that weather forever.  It was hard to leave 83 degree s and return to where it was 38.

She’s doing awesome in school with all A’s at this point.  Neither of them hardly ask at all for help with homework too.  So far so good!  It’s only just over 3 weeks until school is out for the summer.

In 2 days I’m hosting my 2nd garage sale … I’m not looking forward to it but emptying the house of so much clutter has felt good.

And then in just over a week we host our 9th Cookout for Cari BBQ.  9 is crazy to think about.  It’s mostly the idea that she’s not here and wondering how life would be different.  We definitely would have went down a slightly different road together … would probably live in a different area, with different friends, and slightly different careers.  The kid situation, would it be different?  Probably more siblings.  I don’t know, it’s just unbelievable that we’re in this situation that we’re in …

that’s it for now :/

His secret

I am forever at fault for not posting here more often.

I always tell myself to sit down and write but something always comes up.

But something happened tonight that I just couldn’t go without posting.

Plus, I had a monster energy drink and client work to amp me up so here it is at 1:33am and I’m still wide awake.

Tonight he came to me and said he had something to tell me

He had a secret

And he made me promise first not to tell anyone

(so I’m not sharing the secret here)

But what was so cool is that he came to me and wanted to tell me and trusted in me not to tell anyone

I so hope I never forget those few minutes

If only I could have captured that time and froze it forever

Not too often does something like this happen so I’m going to hold onto it for as long as I can