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November, 2016:

A new adventure awaits …

It’s not easy nor desired to suggest we’re onto a “new” phase in our lives.

Moving to a new home

Starting school



There always seems to be a new milestone

I measured the kids the other day and he grew 2 inches between May & November.  She grew 1.

Recently I closed on a home Cari & I once lived in

Not something we bought together but something we definitely enjoyed together … oh the stories that will never be retold

I thought maybe it would be something I held onto til these kids could one day use it

Although the thought of them using it the way we used it caused more gray hair and hair loss than I care to think about

But now it’s sold

And that’s not all a bad thing

Nor do I think it’s a new phase or next phase in our lives

It’s simply a noteworthy event

But the sale has offered up something new for us and our family

While this sale isn’t totally to thank for this new venture, it definitely played a part

Mostly thanks to our GC’s we’re on our way to owning a family destination that I hope we enjoy for years to come

I’m super excited about this

It’s one of those bucket list items

And I think it will be awesome for us and our family

A place to go, away from the norm

Something to enjoy.  Somewhere to relax.

It can’t happen soon enough and summer can’t get here quick enough either … 🙂

All I Want For Christmas …

His list (spelled his way)

#1 – Droid with screan (screen)
#2 – Hearo (Hero) Click
#3 – See Mommy …

So I ask him to read me his list.

I have no idea what he’s written.

He lists #1 & #2, then he pauses.

He says, I know this one probably isn’t possible …

“See Mommy”

Ugh.  Sigh.  @#$% @#$%^^  @#$%^ @$$^&&*

God Dammit


I wish that was possible

I so wish this wasn’t even an issue

Poor him.  Poor her.

This shouldn’t be an issue

This wouldn’t have been an issue if that day never happened

I hate this .. and I hate the word “hate”, but I HATE THIS SO MUCH

She should be here

He shouldn’t have to even worry about these things


I love him so much.  He’s such a good, sweet, awesome little kid.

My heart breaks for them 🙁