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June, 2015:

Rockin’ Memories

We make lots of good memories … all the time!

I try to provide these two with as many experiences as I can.

And yesterday was a fun day.

It was his last day of baseball.

It was a bitter sweet end to the season but at least we have more free time now 😉

It was also the first day it hasn’t rained all June … at least that’s how it seemed.

He rocks!  So much fun that he’s able to play like he is.  He played catch with Grandpa before the game too.  So Awesome!

Then …

We had a number of options for what to do at night.

A neighborhood party, little league championship games, or a fest with live music and friends that we don’t see often enough.

We made a last minute decision and chose the later (well I chose for us) 😉

She didn’t want to go.

Daddy, who’s going?  Will I know anyone?  Will any of my friends be there? …

I didn’t have the answers she wanted to hear.

But as you can see, in the end that didn’t matter.

She had an amazing time … And our friend Annie helped make it that much better (thank you SO much Annie)

Just like Mommy 😉

Oh and he scored a couple of drum sticks from Aaron.  It made his night!