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February, 2014:


Sometimes I forget that I wanted this to be more of a record for the kids than a place to vent.  I suppose in part my reluctance to write is because I spend most of the day working on the computer and the last thing I want to do is spend even more time on it …

So much has happened since the last time I wrote … Sept, 30th … YIKES!

They recently turned 5 & 7.  Growing up WAY to fast!

I really slacked on the party planning this year.  Some of it was because she kept changing her mind about what she wanted to do.  In the end we had 6 girls over.  It was fun.  Pizza, cake, ice cream, nail polish, face painting, lots of pictures, just a little drama.  For his I did a mid-week midday party which actually turned out to be a success.  Most of his friends are in school half day so almost everyone was able to go.  We also went to the disney ice show for hers and then rushed home just in time to beat her friends.

Tonight, like many Monday’s of late, we made our way to Francesca’s for dinner and our favorite magician.  The same guy that we’ve had over to the house twice entertains every Monday at the restaurant.  Needless-to-say hardly a Monday goes by without some serious begging to go see him.  Despite the $55 it usually costs me (which does include a glass of wine or two), the kids do have a nice time and they normally eat a full meal.  Tonight the kids decided that he would come over for our memorial day party.  I didn’t really have a chance to say no.

She lost her 2nd tooth the other day.  On her Uncle’s birthday, ironically.  The same Uncle who unfortunately passed away nearly a year ago.  What’s even more ironic is that she lost her first tooth on her Aunt’s (his wife’s) birthday.  Can’t just be a coincidence.  It hung on for weeks and finally came out that day.  The actual act of the tooth coming out is a bit of a story.  That same day was the day of her variety show.  Where a group of about 10 1st grade girls practiced for months and got up on stage for what’s similar to a talent show.  They danced to the song “what makes you beautiful” by One Direction.  They were super cute!  Anyways, so I go to get her at intermission and the tears are flowing.  The tooth had come out but apparently it received a little assistance from one of her friends mom.  The tooth was sitting on her lip (we almost lost it) and one of the moms picked it off with a kleenex.  She thought she had pulled it out and wasn’t quite ready to lose it … hence the tears.

His birthday culminated with a case of the flu.  I swear someone gave him that instead of a present.  He was puking by midnight (and all through the night).  It took a couple days and just about everyone he encountered picked it up, including me.  It was one of the roughest period of days I’ve had.  He was sick, she was sick, I was sick, both grandmas were sick and no one was about to come help us out and chance getting sick as well.

By the way, the flu shot DOES. NOT. WORK!

Fortunately and unfortunately school was cancelled that Monday & Tuesday.  So we had time to recuperate.  We would have missed school anyways but it gave us a chance to clear it out of our system.

Those were the 3rd & 4th days of cancelled school so far this winter.  That sucks.  4 days lost this summer.

I can’t remember a winter this cold with this much snow.  There’s probably 18 inches of snow outside right now.  I don’t know the total but I think it’s close to the  most ever.  Plus the wind chill has been brutal.  We tried sledding once but it was a failure.  We are going to try and go skiing though.  We’ve got a weekend away booked in a couple weeks.  We’ll see how it goes …

The other day was the 100th day of 1st grade.  She’s not excited for it to be over.  She said she wishes it was the first day of school again.  Why?  Because I will miss Mrs. Howley.  Awe!  And to think she wasn’t all that excited about the new teacher before school started.  No she’s already going to miss her.

It never gets easier …

On this past Saturday, her b-day, we were running some errands in the morning.  We went to Costco and in the last aisle or so we passed by a lady serving samples.  She noticed the flowers in the cart (flowers we just happen to buy for mommy every time we are there) and asked, “are those flowers for your mommy”.  He quickly responded, “our mommy died”. She didn’t just stop there and apologize.  She continued, “are you going to bring those to her grave” … from us, no response, ignore and move on.  However, in what might have been an act of desperation on her part she left her station and ran to catch up with us, quickly changing the topic and attempting some sort of reprieve.  It didn’t work.  I’m sure the expression on my face was less than desireable.  It’s a little like the neighbor of a friend the other day who after hours passed watching the game decided to ask where my better half was.  He really wanted to take that question back.

Sometimes I wish I could just wear a sign or simply just start out the conversation telling them the situation just to avoid the awkward questions

I’ll try to write more soon