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September, 2013:

Three months later

Three months have passed since I last wrote

I’m pretty certain it’s because I would write, people would respond and it demotivated me. Considering I’m doing this for the kids I shouldn’t have let that happen but it did. I don’t mind people reading, otherwise I wouldn’t put this stuff in such a visible place, I’m just not looking for feedback.

That said …

There’s been a lot of firsts

– 1st day of 1st grade

– And then another 1st day of school

– first lost tooth (we have a pretty amazing tooth fairy)

– first time one whistled and then the other really tried

– first time snapping their fingers

– first time I had to get up and make lunch and then again and again every day

– first time I finally made a lunch where everything was eaten

– first vacation to michigan; first time picking raspberries (while in mi) … they want to go back again

– first bears game party at the house (with a magician for the kids)<

We’re writing a lot, even making up our own music (crazy) … she wrote down their jump rope song and then had me type it up and print it

All right, that’s all the motivation I have for now … i’ll come back and write more soon!

Oh, I might have a new client soon.  That’s exciting.  I need something new (long story)