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April, 2013:

Just Need To Vent

I have a friend who, if it was a girlfriend or something like, is someone I likely would have broken up with a long time ago.

I’ve talked about this friend to a number of people.  It seems like just about everyone has someone like this in their lives.

I just wish she would put some effort into the friendship.  From what I can tell she puts effort into only the stuff she wants to.   Or maybe everything but us.

Why do I care so much?

Because her and Cari were friends and if things had not happened this way we’d probably see her often.  Because I think she, especially her kids, should be a constant part of my kids lives.

I feel like I just need to stop inviting her to things, to stop trying.  Then I won’t be constantly disappointed.

I wish there was an easy way to just break off ties. A way to just move away from it.  Maybe just forget it is there, essentially avoid it and eventually it won’t matter any more.

I have no idea if she feels the same.  I’ve invited her to numerous events, parties, etc over the past year and she’s denied all of them.  Supposedly she always has something else going on.  Can’t drive the 30 minutes. Interesting though that she’s able to plan other things if it’s true she has other plans.

Just crazy she has time for everything else.  I think that’s the main issue for me.

I just feel like she always has time for the things she wants to have time for.  In fact I guarantee she does.  She puts ZERO effort into any ounce of friendship we might have had.

I figure if I haven’t seen someone in that long of time, someone who lives maybe 30 minutes away, someone with children the same age, someone who I think should CARE, that I just need to separate that person from my life an move on.

It’s really too bad

I’d like to have them in my life but the effort is simply EXHAUSTING

I wish I could just say, please don’t ever contact me again, at most we’re just acquaintances.  It would be a weight off my shoulders.

But do I want to get rid of that weight ??????