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December, 2012:

Happy Birthday!

I found 2 dimes yesterday.  Like they were put there on purpose.  So crazy.  Like I open the back of the car to put in some groceries and a midst the mess that is the back of the car sits a dime, like a bright light from the sky is shinning on only that small little spot.

Some family and friends came over last night.  The kids were up til 11:30 … yikes!  Totally goes against all my parenting morals 😉  But amazingly they did fine, and were really good with the kids that were over too.  And even this morning they slept until 9a and so far so good.

I kind of wish more people would have come over last night, however.  Even though it was really great to have those here who did make it.  I guess I’m just a little disappointed in those that didn’t make it.  Not those that were sick but particularly those who decided that a neighborhood holiday party was more important.  I don’t know … I would skip a neighborhood holiday party any day if my friends were getting together.  I guess maybe I would have rather just heard them lie and say they were sick.  Thinking about it, I probably would have accepted any excuse other than a neighborhood holiday party … maybe that’s just me and maybe that’s just me venting.  I’m certain you would have def yelled at them. 😉

a little lazy

I can’t remember the last time I had as lazy a day as I had today.  Although my definition of lazy is not the same as the pre-kid definition off lazy.  While I just wanted to sit on the couch all day I still had to make breakfast, lunch & dinner, entertain them a dozen different times throughout the day, and dissolve nearly as many he-hit-me, she-hit-me, i-want-it, she/he-took it near-disasters … we did however find time to make snowflakes, play multiple games and work on homework … oh, and a think I changed 3 lightbulbs and washed dishes – go me

So “lazy then” doesn’t equal “lazy today”.  Lazy today didn’t mean napping on the couch but it did involve lounging on the couch nearly every minute I wasn’t involved in any of the above-mentioned activities.

Last night I entered a chili cook-off.  Somehow I ended up being the only one of my friends to actually cook.  BTW, they gave away prizes from 1st to 5th place and I didn’t win one award.  I don’t know what that was all about.  I thought mine was actually pretty damn good.  I actually put real effort into it … even though I might have borrowed the recipe…turkey chili with multiple peppers, seasoning … I should have at least won something for the prettiest chili.  Besides my ultimate failure, a totally random thing happened at this little LGP event … one of my fraternity brothers unexpectedly walked in the door.  Totally random.  Although he’s from the area so doesn’t live around here any more.  He’s one of the same person we ran into at the super bowl in Miami back in ’07 when we were 2 days from having our little princess.  Anyways, it was pretty cool to see him.  Those random meetings do however tend to bring up certain topics of conversation… ugh

6 days til her birthday.  A few of us will probably get together.  It’s not the easiest day.  Especially for the kids. Birthday’s were her thing.  Plenty of memories.  Maybe we’ll have cake.

What a waste of a day today.  It’s kind of crazy that I have a december weekend with nothing to do.  That’s not so much the case next weekend, however.  Maybe we’ll be productive tomorrow.  I’m not totally looking forward to a trip to the mall with the kids but I might brave at least a store or two.

School & Parents … Is drama supposed to happen in kindergarten?  Are there supposed to be kindergarten parents that bitch constantly about the teacher or other kids or whatever happens to be twisting this particular parents mind on any particular morning.  Seriously.  I know there are crazies out there.  Those p’s that can never be happy.  Those people who I would never ever ever want to associate with.  But in kindergarten.  Seriously?  I have no problem moving schools to get away from it.  Not that I’m planning to, but it’s an option I consider every now and then … pretty much every time I see her and I overhear her complaining to whoever will listen … sometimes she just complains out loud perhaps hoping that someone is listening and actually wants to hear the shit, yes shit, flowing out of her mouth … I’m not one for drama, causing drama, hearing about drama, involving myself in drama, but I can’t help from complaining about this.  She must be a really really unhappy person.

Enough about that …

I should probably go to bed.  I can’t believe I’m still sitting on the couch

All the decorations are up and have been up for a couple weeks.  Christmas cards started going out this week.  I haven’t done all my shopping yet.  Maybe that’s what I should be working on … maybe tomorrow.