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July, 2012:

We Moved

Tonight is night 3.

Night one was bumpy. A late b-day party with cake @ 8:15ish so the kids were on sugar highs (who, btw, has a kids bday party that late @ night … i expected more crying kids but other than the late night sugar the party went fine).  But it was a long day (a party earlier too) and because it was the first night in the house the kids were excited and weren’t ready to sleep.

Boxes were still everywhere.  We moved Thursday and the AC went out so we spent the first couple days and nights @ grandma’s.  So this was our first night in the house.  Asleep maybe by 10:30 and up excited to do stuff @ 6am … daddy, let’s get up NOW! … i wanted to go back to bed.  Besides, there were plenty of new creaks and other noises in the house to wake me throughout the night so I was beat.

Night 2 was even less restful.

We had a lot of fun with our friends @ Arlington Race Track during the day; it was a great day.  C was so cute.  He met some little girl and was totally smitten over her.  It was the daughter of a friends’ friend, I didn’t know them.  I was watching from a distance.  He was talking to her and her family.  I didn’t think much of it, just him being social.  Someone came and asked if it was okay if he went down to watch the race with that family.  The two of them held hands as they walked down to the track … i still didn’t think much of it.  After they came up he wouldn’t leave her side.  You could tell there was something going on here.  He wanted to be by her, he wanted to hold her hand, he gave her a hug, he was oddly gentle with her … he told me the next day that he loved her, her name was Maddie.  He’s so cute.  I think the girls dad was like ‘is this really starting already?’

Anyways, the kids passed out in the car on the way home.  She slept the whole night.  He woke up sad around 8 and I fed him some dinner.  At about 1a he threw up in my bed (a lot too).  And then again multiple times for the next few hours.  He was nauseous throughout the day.   Aren’t we supposed to be free from the flu??!?!?  That’s at least the 8th time in the past 6 months that he’s had it.  I hope she avoids it.

So it’s night 3.  It’s just him and I.  She’s at grandma’s staying clear of whatever he has.  Although he says he feels better.  We went to jewel around 7 and he wanted to fall asleep in the shopping cart…awe!  I wanted to fall asleep too and here I am still up writing.  Let’s hope tonight is a little less bumpy.

The kids seem to like it so far.  E has a new friend down the street.  Although we’ve only seen her once she wants to go play with her again as soon as possible.  There are lots of kids around here … 3 next door, like 4 a couple doors down, then 1, then more after that.  And that doesn’t include the people we already knew in the neighborhood.  Supposedly there’s a block party coming up too (according to GC’s conv with a neighbor).  That should be interesting.  The “topic” has been avoided for the most part.  I feel like it’s the next question someone wants to ask.  Most times I think I should just say what the deal is, but then I also just want them to wonder.  I’m sure it will become known soon.  I’m in no rush to open up to these total strangers … let them think what they want.

Tonight some couple was arguing, loudly.  Just a bunch of wasted energy … i can’t even imagine arguing … what could possibly be that important.  I guess that’s just life


We’ve been praying for Cari in a different way lately.  Instead of a simple God bless, it’s more of us talking to her.  The kids, both of them now, ask about her, need answers, and more than ever before seem to be feeling that void in their lives.  So we talk @ night, some nights anyways, and we talk to Mommy.  We tell her about our new house, what we’re doing, how much we miss her, whatever we think of.  Tears …


I have so many things to do.  I’m definitely under water.  Boxes are still everywhere.  I’m slowing making progress.  Thankfully I have had some help but at the same time things are being put away I have no idea where they are.  Ugh

Work is busy.  Things there may be changing, for the good I think.  I liked the simplicity of how things are/were but I think that’s going to change in the not-too-distant future.  I’m not quite sure what that means for me, however.  I may start traveling

There are like a pile of bills I need to go through.  The move, prepping for it and now dealing with the aftermath, has caused me to get behind on things that I was usually on top of.

Running was put on the backburner too but hopefully I’ll bike into the office most of the week.  It’s an 8 mile round trip, about 20 minutes each way.

Otherwise …

I need to be more proactive here.  I want this to be something the kids can go back to later on in life and I feel like I’m missing some major things so among my other to-do’s is to get on this at least once a week and write …. good luck to me