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February, 2012:

a wish

star light star bright, first star I see tonight, i wish a may, wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight …

i’m not going to tell you what i wished though daddy

… but i will say … she’s pretty and has brown hair …

after that i received the biggest, longest, most sincere hug i ever received from her

i had just put her in her car seat and buckled her in

after a few seconds i pulled away and she pulled me bad

i did this half a dozen times

tears were in her eyes

how are you supposed to respond to that


today she turned 5

she had a birthday celebration at school. we brought chocolate and vanilla cup cakes.  she decorated a poster and brought a couple books and titi and gs with her to read the books.

tonight we had a family party @ gs’s.  she got some clothes for herself, clothes for marie grace, makeup, nail polish, a few other things, and a pink barbie mustang ride on – she was super excited and we had to go outside and try it out b4 pizza, b4 cake and b4 opening any other presents


@ dinner the conversation of marriage vs staying unmarried came up.  gs said something to me about the next time i get married.  then someone said he’s not getting married again…that’s probably the truth but who knows (my response to the unmarried couple in the corner … you have to do it at least once).  a few people commented on  how people change when they get married.  the question of whether we changed after getting married was directed to me.  honestly, i don’t think things changed at all, certainly not for the worse.  the main difference was we had kids and couldn’t do everything we did before.  unless i’m totally forgetting how things were i truly believe that things just got better.  sure there were minor struggles but who’s not going to have that kind of stuff.  but we as individuals didn’t change.  i think that’s the kind of thing that made what we had so very special