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November, 2011:

Mommy questions from a 4yr old

… in not exactly the order asked, but pretty close

Daddy, when did Jesus die?  … a long long time ago

When did Mommy die? …May 19, 2009

Did Jesus die when Mommy died? …no

…i was a little worried about the lack of challenge at preschool, but i’m glad she’s getting some introduction to religion there…one of the primary reasons i switched to this school

I know Mommy died because she was hit by a car, but how did it happen?

…someone wasn’t paying attention when they were driving, they were careless, reckless

What does reckless mean? …how to explain this to a 4yr old…@#$%

What was the person’s name who hit Mommy?

…for at least a minute i couldn’t remember her last name…ugh!  that thing should be unforgettable.

What does the lady look like?

…i don’t know, i’ve never seen her, in fact i’ve never even heard from her

What happened to her?

…she was arrested and ticketed?

Did she go to jail?


Ugh!  Why are WE faced with these questions?

P-K Parent Night

It’s a little hard to see but E had on the turkey at school that she’s thankful for ‘my family’

The teacher had nothing but good stuff to say about our little princess.  The best quote was that she could be in kindergarden today and she would be totally fine.

Prior to tonight each child was asked what their favorite thing in class was and the teachers wrote them down and asked the p’s what they thought their child said.  Hmmm…

Dress up…story time…some sort of art…????  E’s answer, binoculars.  I would never of guessed that one.  I guess she wears them around all the time.

She makes me so proud!

Those? That’s life

Really?  Last time I posted was another friday night just two weeks ago?  My Friday’s must be oh-so-exciting;)

Difference today is that I just got home, it’s 7pm, and both kids are totally passed out.  They fell asleep in the car at about 6:30, which allowed me to stop and pick up my dry cleaning … shhhhh!  I was going to get gas and go through the car wash but I didn’t want to chance waking them up.

So what do I do with myself?

Task 1 complete ….

Okay, I can’t take total credit for that.  At least not the idea.  Cari created a similar one for E.  I can at least take some of the creative credit although I guess I did borrow those images, didn’t I??

Next task…???

What do I do with myself here.  It’s only been 21 minutes.  I know I have a huge list.  I picked up a mocha frap on the way home so I know I have at least a couple hours of hyper energy here, maybe more … at least until I crash from my 3rd caffiene high of the day.

So what’s on my list … basement, those dresser drawers i haven’t touched, the carpet in the family room, dusting, organizing the misc crap that seems to pile up, just general organizing …. hmmm …. the garage, my car, everything that’s laying around in the back yard, the rest of the halloween things … i’m sure i can pick at least a couple of those, right???

I’m def going to have to open a bottle of wine for this…

Speaking of wine, I think I’ve made the switch back to white.  I was off it for a number of years.  Some friends of ours who hit the wine bottle earlier than us were big red drinkers.  Eventually we both switched over, me before her.  Our fav was pinot noir, estancia (i just bought 4 bottles, btw).  but red’s been giving me headache lately so i’m back to whites … usually a riesling … currently a brand called pacific rim.

While I was buying those wines, which were part for our halloween party and party for me …

Oh, speaking of the halloween party … super fun.  About 20 kids were here.  Jumpie.  Tons of good food (thanks to my friends). Weather was decent.  I rock as a dad!!!  Right?  Well maybe…;)

Anyways, while I was buying those wines at costco, some guy in the other checkout lane commented to a lady about the case of wine in her cart.  Something along the lines of inviting himself to her party.  Loser!  Anyways, she’s like, “Those?  That’s life”  Ha!


This week has been a pretty sad one for the local area.  There was a horrific killing of a 14 year old just a couple miles from the house.  She walked in on a burglary in process … and well, the outcome was beyond horrible.  Every time I think of it I think of my loss.  I’m sure I would have felt awful about that girl but since my loss it’s hitting me especially hard.  There were helicopters in the area this morning.  I didn’t realize what they were for until my MIL said they were for the funeral.  I couldn’t hold back the tears.  There are white ribbons all over the neighboring towns.   How said.  At least today there was a report they caught the guy.


Yesterday morning was no fun.  C pooped before he woke up, which turned out to be bad diarrhea, which ended up on my shirt and on the carpet because I didn’t realize til it was too late that it was up his shirt and down his pants.  It was disgusting!  This morning he threw up in his bed.  Poor kid.  I think he’s getting over it but somethings def messing with his stomach.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

I should probably start working on those tasks