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Our Closet

Worked late tonight.  Well more like sat at my desk and didn’t do anything for an extra 4+ hours.  I’m not so sure why I decided it was necessary to be there.  I mean, there sort of was a reason but … anyways

So I got home late.  The kids stayed at Grandma’s.  Last night the same thing. 

Last night I thought maybe I would take care of one of my million tasks.  Instead I fell asleep on the couch.

Tonight, home later, but somewhat-sorta-motivated to do something. 

So I attacked the closet.

It was very SAD

Except for my stuff it’s remained unchanged, unaltered.  I’m afraid removing the stuff will impact my lil girl.  That was one reason I left it as it.  The other being that it’s just one of those tasks I would rather put off…forever!  I guess we’ll see how she does with it.

Months ago I found these vacuum storage bags at costco.  The box has been sitting at the entrance to the closet ever since.

But tonight I did it.  So many times I wanted to stop.  But I kept going.  I knew that if I stopped I would just have to get back to it again. 

So all her clothes are now packaged away.  It was not a fun activity.  It doesn’t feel good to have removed it from my list.  It didn’t feel much different keeping everything in there, having to see it each and every day 🙁  It was lose-lose

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