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Hmmm, what day is it?  Damn … another month!

I cannot even tell u how many times I’ve thought about u today. 

It’s like 60 something out (going to rain/snow this weekend though … gotta love chicago).  About an hour ago I went on a run … straight down 8th ave to where the accident happened.  Other than luci slowing me down (for some reason she hasn’t been able to make it the 2 miles these past few days … it’s not that hot out yet) I won’t dare stop short of 47th.  In other times I might have gotten lazy and turned around early.  Now I’m there every time I run. 

St. Patrick’s day just passed, now only a couple weeks to Easter.  I just took down the decorations and brought up the ones for Easter.  Karen is having Easter at her house and invited us over.  We’re supposed to be doing this together.

Anyways … I go to lunch in downtown lagrange, a run to 47th, dealing with holiday decorations … that’s just within the past 3 hours.  On Wednesday I got a txt from someone mentioning the day I proposed.  It’s nice they remember but I could have went without the msg.  As if I didn’t already know what that day was. 

The recent time change is really screwing with the kids sleep patterns.  They want to stay up later but sleep in later too.  I don’t really mind the latter.  Although E was in our room this morning at 7.30 (way too early).  I didn’t get up, or look up, when she came in.  She found the remote, turned on sprout, and sat and watched tv for a good half hour.  Last night I fell asleep for a few mins on the couch while she watch her new fav movie Up.  But then I realized it was 10p and rushed to get her teeth brushed and into bed.  I get a little crabby when I’m awoken and just want to go back to bed.  I just wanted her to brush her teeth but she was more interested in playing.

Kind of reminds me of how I would pass out on the couch, you would try to get me up to bed, but I would insist on laying there until I woke in the morning and rushed up to our room (this was only after baby #2 came tho … we were just exhausted … now I find myself sleeping on e’s floor instead).  I would give anything for you to come wake me up and drag me up to bed.

It’s nearly impossible to keep c-baby inside.  He’s making a lot of noise, not too many legible sounds, but he definitely knows how to let you know what he wants.  Like when he wants to go outside.  He stands by the door and screams and screams until you let him out.  And E learned how to ride a bike, with training wheels.  It’s amazing how fast she picked it up.

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