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Stuck in the rain

I’m sure it’s happened before when I was alone with the kids, but it’s not the same anymore.  Thankfully it wasn’t an all out downpour; a little more than a drizzle (some decent sized rain drops) with some thunder and lightning.

The service at the restaurant tonight was garbage.  Got there at 7 and I think the food finally arrived at 9:15 (don’t they see that we have two little ones with us?).  It took forever just to order in the first place too and the time between ordering and the food finally arriving was really unacceptable.  Nevertheless, we ate, had some drinks, and besides the service it was a nice time.  E had a good time and everyone had a good time with her.  We played hot potato with C and even though I mistakenly used a #4 nipple he had a good time too.  When we left the restaurant there was the smell of rain in the air and some intense lighting off to the west.

The thunder has raddled the house a few time since we got home.  I brought C in first, left him in his carrier in the crib, and then went to get E.  She woke up for a second, put her head on my shoulder (which is such an amazing feeling) and said a few words to me.  We went right up to her room.  I laid her down and took off her shoes.  She asked me to take out her piggy, to turn on her music, and to shut her door most of the way (likes it cracked open a bit).  She wanted to turn on her music herself but I said not tonight and that response seemed acceptable.  They’re still down so let’s hope it stays that way.

So I’m sitting here thankful that getting home late, in the rain, was a relatively simple task when I get an message on my phone.  I figured it might be something along the lines of, ‘did you make it home okay?’  But instead it bordered on accusing me for being the reason why E seems to be ignoring Grandma.  AS IF I HAVE TIME FOR PETTY B.S.!  The message didn’t deserve a response and texting something like that is really rather inapporpriate (in my opinion) … how about a phone call???  Anyways, I’m rather perturbed at this moment.

Oh and I forgot to mention how the ‘accident’ was discussed with some people at dinner who were unaware of the situation.  Nevermind my feelings in the matter.  Would Matt be okay with us talking about this here at the table?  It was not a good day for me to begin with so having to listen to people talk about the accident didn’t sit well.  I didn’t speak up because it was a short conversation and I doubt I would have been able to say anything without breaking down. 

A friend came over today; he came out of his way to dedicate his day to anything I needed.  I didn’t have to ask him, he just asked if it was okay if he came over today and said if there’s anything I needed to do, he’d do whatever it was.  So we spent the day in the garage.  It wasn’t a high priority item but something that needed to be done — it required organization.  I didn’t even hesitate to bring in the garbage can with because I knew there’d be plenty to toss.  And sure enough that thing was filled up immediately.  According to Cari I was somewhat of a pack rat…and I certainly might be but usually I only keep things I think we might end up using again.  However, I did find some papers from back in college and if I haven’t looked at ’em by now I’m probably not going to look at them any time soon.  And that cassette player probably won’t be used any time soon either.  There’s not a whole lot of her stuff out there, thankfully, but nearly every minute I was thinking about her.  It was our stuff.  It was placed there by us.  Like that weed and grass killer…the weed and grass killer Cari used to try and rid the yard of some weeds but instead killed the grass and left brown spots all over the place.  So sure, maybe it should have been organized a little better before, but a little disorganization never hurt, right?  Besides, we were busy with the kids and work so order in the garage was far from a priority.  Thankfully though, it’s clean, somewhat organized, and it’s one thing off my CRAPPY to-do list.  Thanks B.

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