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It still doesn’t feel real

It still doesn’t feel real.  Will it ever?

I went to pick up some birthday presents at Target; by myself with little guy.  Shopping with one isn’t too bad.  He’s pretty manageable by himself.  He normally just stares at me and smiles.  But it was just me and him.  Then I really had a tasting for something sweet and had been thinking oberweis for a while … it’s so good … but it was just me and lil dude again.  🙂  It was def close to the top of our favorite ice cream places.  She always did the hot fudge brownie sundae (she was addicted to these things) and would give me the cherry.  I switched between the vanilla shake and cookies and cream ice cream.  None of it was good for our diet but it just tasted so good!

Too bad I can’t just wake up from this dream nightmare. 🙁

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